"THE problem with Raging Against the Machine is that the Machine has learned to feed off rage" 

Liv Boeree

Does Twitter amplify anger? We are building an AI-enabled data engine to explore the role of anger in propagating ideas across the Twittersphere. 

Why Twitter? Twitter is, arguably, the closest thing to a global consciousness. But we know from psychology that a lot of what shapes our behavior is the sub-conscious, material in the emotional realm. Twitter is also primarily a text-based social media platform, which fits with the inputs of our emotion data engine. 

Nice threads... We're focusing on three areas of the Twittersphere. Areas that both provoke a lot of emotion and are important for civilization - these areas are: 

1) The diet health arena (i.e. diet wars): diet related chronic disease constitutes a massive amount of societal spending

2) COVID-19 lockdown debate: arguably, the science of public health fell  apart during the pandemic  - due presumably to heightened emotional states

3) Jan 6 insurrection in Washington DC: Democracy is important in many societies, understanding how it breaks down could give us clues to find ways to strengthen it 

Results coming shortly...